TRELLISING SUPPLIES   -  Gerard's proudly offers anchors,  tree clips, ground clips and Wire Care Clips as well as Kuker Tye Wire, bio-degradeable net clips and more.


BIRD SCARING SUPPLIES - Gerard's brings you effective bird predation solutions  such as ZON propane cannons, hand launchers, Scare Tape, Jackite Osprey Kites, scare eye balloons, and a large range of BIRDGUARD products.


PRUNING, BUDDING AND TYING TOOLS - You need to do your work efficiently, and Gerard's provides the high-quality pneumatic pruners, compressors or hand tools you need from  IDEAL, KUKER, FELCO, and HICKOK.


HARVEST EQUIPMENT -  Gerard's is pleased to offer high quality harvesting buckets and bags from WELLS AND WADE and grape harvesting shears from KUKER


 SPECIALTY VINEYARD EQUIPMENT - Viticulture and top quality vineyards require specialty equipment.   Gerard's brings you the equipment you need such as pressure chambers from PMS Instrument Company; pre-pruners, hedgers and leaf removers from MUNCKHOF; suckering heads and leaf removers from CLEMENS; heavy duty in-row tilling equipment from AGROFER; specialty organic fertilizer spreaders from AGROFER and WHATCOM;  pendulum fertilizer spreaders from VICON and much, much more.